12 Time Management App (most popular)

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is to implement the meticulously prepared business plan efficiently. Especially for the bosses of his job, it is almost impossible not to waste time on social media during daily transactions. When we organize a survey on the internet, which is an important part of business life, writing reports or preparing a presentation, our senses are shifting to different places. If you want to eliminate time loss absolutely, the following 12 applications can help you greatly.

Some popular time management apps 🙂

Time management app


TimesUpp can be a lifesaver for you if you’re going from place to place to attend meetings or get things done. The situation that has always happened to us is the disruption of our calculation in our minds due to unpredictable traffic and other conditions. The application, which acts as your personal travel assistant, calculates the time required for all kinds of transactions, from meeting with your client to picking up your child from school and visiting the florist. This is very significant and good time management app.

It shows you when to reach your destination based on the current traffic situation by walking, cycling, driving, and getting on public transport. If you say what’s different from Google Maps, it checks the traffic situation and sends you alerts to get up early so you don’t be late to your designated location. The most useful feature of TimesUpp, which combines the functionality of devices like Google Maps, as well as devices like TomTom, is that you can plan the next two months.


There are many time management apps, Visualize a routine scene: you’re diving into Netflix with the advantage of a few hours when the presentation isn’t even halfway, which should be ready tomorrow morning. By midnight you’re in the middle of the presentation but you’re browsing Pinterest. Designed as an app added to the Mac menu bar, Focus blocks web pages and applications that distract you. What’s more, it gives you motivating messages to take a step back when you want to access a blocked application or web page. With Focus, you can set the duration of the access restriction as you wish. Those who want to focus entirely on the job lose the chance to remove the restrictions they put on the premium model.


Desk exercises are one of the least used methods of focusing in business life. Calm is an application that goes beyond traditional approaches to relax your head, increase your attention and adjust your breathing pattern. Meditation activities aiming to increase perception, memory and attention vary between 3 and 25 minutes. The application also includes breathing exercises and a 10-minute “Daily Relaxation” program. Calm is free for iPhone and Android.


In order to streamline our business activities, we use various applications on the Internet and even use pages that offer advice. RescueTime can be one of the most practical and innovative solutions for time management. Its function is to distract you from habits that distract you. RescueTime, a free app, works in the background of your mobile device or computer. It keeps track of which applications and web pages you spend as long as it works. At the end of a period of time, you can see how efficient your time is on the Internet. For example, learning that you spend 2 hours on Instagram, which you shouldn’t spend more than 45 minutes a day, lets you know how much time a single application can waste you for a week.

RescueTime has content that allows you to set specific goals to help you. For example, you can set a goal of looking at emails for up to 30 minutes. You can also set up alarms after a period of time to avoid getting lost on YouTube or Reddit. The premium version of the application offers additional options such as unlimited reporting.


Toggl allows you to easily monitor business processes and provides a table showing how profitable (or harmful) your customers and projects are. You can add projects that you have already started or forgotten to Toggl, which saves a lot of time by following all your customers and projects separately. While the standard version of the application is free, there are three different premium options.


Video conferencing can sound easy for anyone who understands mobile devices. However, when it comes time to disagree about which application to prefer, while the quality of the connection is not the same for everyone can cause significant loss of time. MobileDay connects you to all conference calls at the touch of a button. All you need to do is pair the app with your mobile calendar. The application also informs you in advance about the interviews specified in the calendar. Whether you are the organizer of the conference or just the participant, the call continues in case of a disconnection and you can join back with a single button. Free and premium versions of the application are available.


The most challenging part of being a startup with no investors yet is of course expenses. The money allocated to business operations by enterprises with more than one founder changes according to the capital invested by the founders, and in time it can become a difficult complex to get out of. Amsterdam-based WieBetaaltWat (WhoPaysWhat) is an app that puts the spending of the founders into the table. The list with the participation of all colleagues shows who owes to whom and how much, and how much is spent for which transaction. Necessary adjustments can be made in cases where one person covers the cost of the other. WieBetaaltWat can be used on iOs and Android devices.


As an entrepreneur who dreams of getting his startup to compete as soon as possible, you may be using many applications in business. What about your social life? Especially those entrepreneurs who are married and need to spend plenty of time with their family can try Calroo. Calroo, a calendar application, regularly distributes a variety of activities between parents such as taking care of children, walking the dog and shopping in the kitchen. Thus, millions of details that fill your mind during and after work are no longer a source of stress. Calroo, which is free on iOS, will also be available on Android devices soon.


Keeping and organizing certain documents related to business operations due to tax transactions can be extremely tiring. Developed by Belgium-based Xpenditure, the cloud-based platform is completely independent of paper and does it in real-time. All the necessary information in documents that you scan with just one click is collected in the cloud. Moreover, the information can be collected under the category or hashtag you specify. Another feature of the application can be integrated with online accounting tools. Xpenditure can also be useful for reshaping your spending trends and accounting policy. The price of the application, which will increase your financial efficiency and save serious time, is also ideal.


How many times a week do you think you have a great idea, but it flies away until you write it down? According to Papier, every average person can think of 60,000 thoughts a day. We spend an average of 7 hours a day at the beginning of the screens. Then it would be good for our ideas to combine these two, right? Papier, which is used as a Google Chrome plug-in, turns your screen into a notebook as soon as you click on it. You start using it instantly without opening an account or logging in. You don’t have to worry if you accidentally quit Papier, which automatically saves your typing. we can easily keep a post, link, or other web content you want to keep, as well as anything you can think of, in Papier.


TextExpander is a time-saving application for customers to write e-mails, create corporate blog articles and daily communication. The application contains a “repository dan of all types of articles in the past, and allows you to use pre-printed templates in the repository when writing a standard email. TextExpander holds all kinds of statistics like the usual mobile keyboard applications. Just like how many words you write per minute, how many of them you can’t write and how much time you’ve earned. Sharing ready-made patterns with your colleagues allows you to create a practical writing language specific to your institution. TextExpander has different prices for individual and multiple use.


One of the most challenging processes in the business world is signing PDF. Print, sign, scan and send again. HelloSign allows you and your customers to sign agreements digitally (and legally) without the hassle of being inconvenient. The app has different contents at this stage. Adding the company logo or adding corporate / individual signatures. Mobile Day has content that assures authentication, access permissions and information security. The application is free for only one user. Price increases as the number increases.

All In All

we have explained to you the most popular time management app. Remember that time is one of the most important things in life. We must be able to manage this correctly and effectively.


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