12 ideas for effective summer vacation

We will explain 12 ideas about effective summer vacation. There are many time management ideas for effective summer vacation. In 2011, US college student Garrett J. decided to set up Scan to develop mobile apps with two college employees, and in less than three years, the company was able to make an excellent effort by forcing the popular social networking app Snape to buy the company for $ 54 million. performance achieved.

He had never imagined Jarrett Gee’s glamorous success at a young age, that he was like an ordinary student, hanging out with his friends during the summer vacation, watching or watching all the programs he loved or sleeping or ending.

When the summer holiday begins and the stress of studying and exams ends, as a student just outside the bottleneck, you have the right to enjoy your summer holiday and to implement all the possible recreational activities you have been deprived of. But then what? One answer: This is boredom! Tired of sleeping in an endless loop, watching television and browsing social networking sites! But if during the leave he rebels other than this “boring” way to “rebel”, I actually mean the word “rebellion”!

What is effective summer vacation?

The vast majority of students are not satisfied with the curriculum they work in. Everyone feels that school systems, especially in Arab countries, are inherited, turn their ambitions, and drive their energies away from the necessary skills and practical experience.

The summer holiday is a great opportunity to gain a lot of skills and gain new experiences that will benefit you in the long run and to improve your personality and distinction among your colleagues in the busy job market a few steps away.

Here are some ideas for your summer vacation: Choose what you’re passionate about and don’t forget to make room for fun; so you can work with enthusiasm and energy.

1. Learn a new skill

Each of us has certain life skills that he wants to master, separation is an opportunity to acquire these different skills. Think of skills such as creative thinking, self-confidence, planning, leadership, time management, money management, persuasion, Cookery – first aid – talk to the public and choose the missing skills, using different methods such as online research or participating in a workshop.

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2. Learn programming

Programming is currently one of the most challenging fields of study and one of the most important professions in the future.

Do not imagine that learning programming is complex and requires university expertise for engineering or placement in specific educational institutions, on the contrary, these days young children are learning to program in schools and online, so it is not difficult for adults.

 The learning requirements of computer programming and internet access are only open to every student. If you are interested in the language barrier you may encounter while learning to program, the good news is that Arab academic resources are now available for online programming.

You can learn to program from home, watch lessons at your preferred time, learn according to the rhythm of the appropriate time, and even get help and ask questions to instructors. At the end of the previous experience and the trainee receives an accredited certificate from the academy, so have the opportunity to leave and start learning the profession of the future without any hindrance in Arabic.

3. See helpful content

Don’t just hunt for entertainment or TV content on YouTube, watch other types of content to increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons such as documentaries, history, language learning and motivation, such as Al Jazeera Documentary in Arabic and TED, How To, and Green. examples of content.

4. Joins a job

The British proverb says “Early Time is On, Time is Delayed and Late Unacceptable”, “Early is an ideal time, waiting for the right time means delay, the delay is totally unacceptable”.

As a result, you can start a full-time or part-time job during the summer vacation, not too early for a job, or join a paid, paid or unpaid training to have professional work experience by graduating in a company that interests you or your field of study.

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5. Improve your working skills

After the end of the academic year, after evaluating the performance of the course, determine which courses you have accomplished and others that you have done poorly, and plan how to avoid the poor performance of these materials for the next academic year, such as continuing attendance, if your daily and writing or reading skills are not perfect. You can write, without using typographical errors or speed reading techniques.

6. Volunteering in charitable work

If you want to improve your human expertise and help the neediest people in your community, take part in a voluntary effort to help the elderly in your country and to care for those with special abilities and orphans, to feed the poor, or to visit nearby hospitals or visit children’s hospitals. Talking in the lives of others, which gives you a positive psychological reward.

7. New Places button

Expand your horizons and visit museums that will inspire you and develop your historical knowledge of the world around you, or enjoy nature by visiting nature reserves, countryside, desert and coastal areas, or participating in a summer camp to feel the freedom and independence around you and feel the simplest possibilities around you Discover simple and inexpensive ways. You’ve been very careful with her in the past.

8. Have an unforgettable family time

Getting away from the stress of vacation, work and study and exams is an opportunity to create good memories with your family, so to have a good time with your little family and connect with your family, contact your members who will not be able to visit and communicate with them, about your future goals and the future benefit from practical experience in shaping your career.

9. Keep track of healthy habits

It is not an impossible dream to gain an athletic body or lose excess weight, but during the summer holidays you have enough time to achieve these goals, all you need is planning and perseverance. You can also use it to develop other healthy habits, such as drinking water regularly, eating regularly, exercising regularly, and sleeping regularly, as well as learning martial arts to defend yourself and prepare for any danger.

10. Take your faith

As with your body, your faith requires attention and care: Take advantage of the holiday and read the religious book your friend has previously nominated. You cannot read this or search for a religious question that has caught your attention and has no time to search. By memorizing and memorizing the verses of the Qur’an.

11. Organize your room

“The chaotic room means an anarchic mind, Japon says Japanese writer Marie Kondo. Yok You have no excuse for the look of your chaotic room during the summer holidays (paper books – objects of all kinds). And storage of things you will not use during your holiday.

12. Make a list of your tasks

To-do lists help you save time in the long run and correct your mind instead of being busy thinking about what you’re going to do tomorrow, so you don’t forget the important things you need to do, so create different lists of situations you repeat. Example: Daily task list – Travel task list – Task list Go to university … etc.

As a result, it is important to note that the ideas for a productive summer holiday cannot be implemented on the whole holiday, so bring a paper and a pen and choose the most inspiring ideas to get started. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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